"These innocent souls stood at windows waving to attract attention hoping and
praying that someone would reach them in time. Last calls were made, final messages were sent.
Too smoky, can't breathe. Should we break a window? What should we do,
where should we go, how do we get out?
In tower two, similar events were occurring.
The difference, tower two had a critical 15-minute window of opportunity to evacuate,
a missed opportunity to minimize the casualties.
Instead, occupants were told to stay, to go back.
Many already in the process of leaving the building turned around,
trusting the announcements that the building was secure.
That decision would cost them their lives. Once again, untold numbers were killed by the planes. "
MS. MONICA GABRIELLE to 911 commission" people waving in windows" ," too smokey"
both indications that the fire was of insufficent temperature to melt steel.
Who was the person saying go back and what was his background?