The Order Of The Skull and Bones and NWO


I made this post in the topic by Deltachaos requesting a list of bonesmembers. 
I am repeating it here as a seperate thread, because I feel it sheds a lot of illumination on the NWO. 

The NWO is generally believed to be a succession of events, orchestrated by a clandestine 
group to establish a one world government. Not much is known about this clandestine group 
and how long it has been operating. 
It is my contention that this organization is the Illumanti, a satanic organization that 
been operating for hundreds/thousands of years and skull and bones is one if it's biggest pillars. 

This Illumanti has operated across the ages through these elite satanic socities. 
The Skull and Bones is in fact the modern version of the Order of the Dragon, 
which was also founded to influence politics, of which Dracula was an esteemed member. 
In fact as I have discovered recently, Bush and Kerry, both S&B members, are also related 
to Dracula. 

I have collated a list of S&B member and painstreakingly researched the positions they have
 held across the spectrum of fields of political, economic and other fields of influence. 
 Here are my foundings: 

US Presidents(3) 

william Howard Taft (1878), 27th President of the United States 
George Walker Bush (1968), 43rd President of the United States 
George Herbert Walker Bush (1948), 41st President of the United States (1989?1993) 


Robert Alphonso Taft, son of president Wiliam Howard Taft, presidential candidate 
Prescot Bush(1917) 
John Heinz II (1931), father of Senator John Heinz 
Jonathan Bingham (1936) 
John Chafee (1947) 
David Boren (1963) 
John Kerry (1966), presidential candidtate 

Other Government positions(33) 

Alphonso Taft(FOUNDER OF SKULL AND BONES), father of President William Howard Taft, 
Supreme Court Justice, Attorney General, Secretary of state 

William Collins Whitney(1862), Secretary of US navy 
Edward Baldwin Whitney(1878), Supreme Court Justice 
Edward Johnson Phelps(1888), 2nd comptroller of the US treasuery, 
US minister to England, senior security counsel 
Henry Lewis Stimson(1888), US secretary of state 
Gifford Pinchot (1889), President Theodore Roosevelt's chief forester 
Harvey Hollister Bundy (1907)-- Special . to Sec. of War Stimson(also S&B) and key Pentagon man on Manhatten project 
Charles Seymour(1908), CFR member 
William Averell Harriman(1913), Governor of New York, Assistant Secetary of State 
Under secretary of political affairs, ambassador to Soviet union and CFR member 
Robert Ambercrombie Lovett(1918), 4th US Secretary of defence to President Truman, CFR member, Harriman brown partner 
Henry Robinson Luce(1920), CFR member 
DeForest Van Slyck(1920), CFR member 
Morehead Patterson(1920), Bilderberg member 
Robert Guthrie Page(1922), CFR member 
Frank Ford Russell(1926), CFR member 
Alfred Ogden(1932), CFR member 
William P. Bundy, national advisor to US and central figure on Vietnam policy 
Potter Stewart(1936), Supreme Court Justice 
Barry Zorthian(1941), CFR member 
William Henry Draper III (1950), the Defense Department, UN and Import-Export Bank 
Winston Lord (1959), Chairman of CFR, Ambassador to China 
and assistant Secretary of State in the Clinton administration and Bilderberg member. 
Charles Edwin Lord(1981), Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Bilderberg member 

Admitted into the US cabinet by George Bush Jr in 2004: 

Evan Griffith Galbraith, adviser to the U.S. mission to NATO 
William Henry Donaldson, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission 
George Herbert Walker III, U.S. ambassador to Hungary 
Jack Edwin McGregor, member of the advisory board of the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. 
Victor Henderson Ashe, member of the board of directors of the Federal National Mortgage Association 
Roy Leslie Austin, U.S. ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago 
Robert Davis McCallum Jr, associate attorney general 
Rex Cowdry, associate director of the White House's National Economic Council 
Edward McNally Sr., associate counsel to the president and general counsel to the Office of Homeland Security 
David Batshaw Wiseman, an attorney in the Justice Department's Civil Division 
James Emanuel Boasberg, an associate judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. 


Hugh Wilson (1909) 
Yale's "unofficial" Secretary of War, Robert D. French (1910) 
Archibald MacLeish (1915) 
Charles R. Walker (1916) 
Hugh Cunningham (1934) 
Richard A. Moore (1936) 
Reuben Holden (1940) 
James Buckley (1944) 
Sloane Coffin, Jr. (1949), "Tapped" by George H. W. Bush 
V. Van Dine (1949) 
William F. Buckley, Jr. (1950), "Tapped" by Sloane Coffin, Jr. 
Dino Pionzio (1950), CIA Deputy Chief of Station during Allende overthrow 
William Putnam Bundy (1937), CIA, CFR members, Bilderberg member, Assitant secretary of Eastern foreign affairs 
McGeorge Bundy(1940), C.F.R., President Ford Foundation, Bilderberg member, Special Assistant to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson on national security 


Pierre Jay (1892), first chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
Harry Payne Whitney (1898), husband of Gertrude Vanderbilt, investment banker 
Percy Rockefeller (1900) Morgan partner(MP) 
Joseph R. Swan (1902), MP 
Thomas Cochran (1904), MP 
W. Murray Crane (1904), MP 
William McCormick Blair(1907) William Blair & Co founder 
Harold Stanley (1908), founder of Morgan Stanley, investment banker 
Knight Wooley (1917) , MP 
Frank P. Shepard (1917), MP 
Henry P. Davison (1920), senior partner, Morgan Guaranty Trust 
Thomas Rodd (1935), MP 
George H. Chittenden (1939) 
Clement D. Gile (1939), MP 
William Redmond Cross (1941), MP 
Daniel P. Davison (1949), MP 
Dean Witter, Jr.(1944), investment banker 
Evan G. Galbraith (1950), Ambassador to France and Managing Director of Morgan Stanley 
Jonathan Bush, CEO and President of Riggs investment bank 
J.L. Guinter, Director of Union Banking Corp. 
Cornelius Lievense, President, Union Banking Corp. and Director of Holland American Investment Corp. 
H.J. Kouwenhoven (Nazi) Nazi banker, managing partner of August Thyssen Bank and Bank Voor Handel Scheepvaart N.V. 
Johann Groninger (Nazi)Director of Bank Voor Handel en Scheepvaart and Vereinigte Stahlwerke (Thyssen's Steel operations) 

Brown Bros., Harriman (Formerly W.A.Harriman) 

W.A. Harriman (1913) 
E. Roland Harriman (1917) 
Ellery S. James (1917) 
Ray Morris (1901) 
Prescott Sheldon Bush (1917) 
Knight Wooley (1917) 
Mortimer Seabury (1909) 
Robert A. Lovett (1918) 
Eugene Wm. Stetson, Jr. (1934) (1937-1942) 
Walter H. Brown (1945) 
Stephen Y. Hord (1921) 
John Beckwith Madden (1941) 
Grange K. Costikyan (1929) 


Alfred Cowles (1913), Cowles Communication 
John Thomas Daniels (1914), founder of Archer Daniels Midland 
Artemus Gates (1918), President of New York Trust Company, Union Pacific, TIME, Boeing Company 
Henry Luce (1920), Time-Life and Fortune magazine founder 
Amory Howe Bradford (1934), husband of Carol Warburg Rothschild and general manager for the New York Times 
Richard Gow (1955), president of Zapata Oil 
Russell W. Davenport, editor Fortune Magazine, created Fortune 500 list 


Daniel Coit Gilman, (1852) was 1st President of Johns Hopkins University. President of the University of California. President of the Carnegie Institution. Founded Russell Trust (Incorporated Skull and Bones at Yale in 1856). Studied at the University of Berlin between 1854 and 1855 
under Karl Von Ritter and Friedrich Trendelenderg, both prominent "Right" Hegelians. 

William H. Welch (1870) was President of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical research from 1910 to 1934. 

Daniel Coit GilmanAndrew Dickson White (1853) was 1st President of Cornell University. First President of the American Historical Association. Studied at the University of Berlin between 1856-58. Timothy Dwight (1849) was 12th President of Yale University. Studied at the Universitiers ofBerlin and Bonn between 1856 and 1858. 

In Yale college alone: 

Beebe, William, Professor of English Literature (1882-1917) 
Beers, Henry A, Professor of English Literature (1874-1926) 
Bellinger, Alfred R, Professor of Greek (1926- 
Dahl, George, Professor of Yale Divinity School (1914-1929) 
Darling, Arthur B, Professor of History (1925-1933) 
Day, Clive, Professor of Economic History (1902-1938) 
Dexter, Franklin B, Secretary, Yale University 
Dwight, Timothy, President of Yale University 
Farnam, Henry, Professor of Economics (1880-1933) 
French, Robert D, Professor of English (1919-1950) 
Gilman, Daniel C. 
Graves, Henry S, Dean, Yale School of Forestry (1900-1939) 
Gruener G, Professor of German (1892-1928) 
Hadley, Arthur T, President of Yale (1899-1921) 
Hilles, Frederick, Professor of English (Professor of English 1921- 
Holden, Reuben A, Assistant to President (1947- 
Hoppin, James M, Professor of History of Art (1861-1899) 
Ingersoll, James W, Professor of Latin (1897-1921) 
Jones, Frederick S, Dean Yale College (1909-1926) 
Lewis, Charlton M, Professor of English (1898-1923) 
Lohman, Carl A, Secretary Yale University (1927- 
Lyman, Chester, Professor of Mechanics (1859-1890) 
McLaughlin, Edward T, Professor of English (1890-1893) 
Northrop, Cyrus, Professor of English (1863-1884) 
Packard, Lewis R, Professor of Greek (1863-1884) 
Peck, Tracy, Professor of Latin (1889-1908) 
Perrin, Bernadotte, Professor of Greek (1893-1909) 
Pierce, Frederick E, Professor of English (1910-1935) 
Root, Reginald D, Yale Football Coach (1933-1948) 
Schwab, John C, Professor of Political Economy (1893-1906) 
Seymour, Charles, Prof. of History (1915-37), Pres. (1936-50) 
Seymour, Charles Jr, Professor of Art (1945- 
Silliman, Benjamin Jr, Professor of Chemistry (1846-1885) 
Stokes, Anson P, Secretary of Yale (1899-1921) 
Sumner, William G, Professor of Economics (1872-1909) 
Taft, William H, Professor of Law (1913) 
Tarbell, Frank B, Professor of Greek (1882-1887) 
Thacher, Thomas A, Professor of Latin (1842-1886) 
Thompson, John R, Professor of Law (1939- 
Walker, Charles R, Assistant Secretary (1943-1945) 
Woolsey, Theodore S, Professor of International Law (1878-1929) 
Wright, Henry B, Professor of History (1907-1911) 
Wright, Henry P, Professor of Latin (1871-1918), Dean Yale university (1884-1909) 

Outside Yale: 

Burtt, Edwin A, Professor of Philosophy, University of Chicago (1924-31) and Cornell University (1931-60) 
Alexander, Eben,Professor of Greek and Minister to Greece (1893-97) 
Blake, Eli Whitney, Professor of Physics, Cornell (1868-70) and Brown University (1870-95) 
Chauvenet, William, U.S. Navel Academy (1845-59) and Chancellor Washington University (1862-69) 
Cooke, Francis J, New England Conservatory of Music 
Cooper, Jacob, Professor of Greek, Center College (1855-66) Rutgers University (1866-1904) 
Cutler, Carroll, President Western Reserve University (1871-1886) 
Daniels, Joseph L, Professor of Greek, Olivert College, and President (1865-1904) 
Emerson, Joseph, Professor of Greek, Beloit College (1848-88) 
Estill, Joe G, Connecticut State Legislature (1932-1936) 
Evans, Evan W, Professor of Mathematics, Cornell University (1868-72) 
Ewell, John L, Professor of Church History, Howard University (1891-1910) 
Fisher, Irving, Professor of Political Economy, Yale (1893-1935) 
Fisk, F.W, President, Chicago Theological Seminary (1887-1900) 
Green, James Payne, Professor of Greek, Jefferson College (1857-59) 
Griggs, John C, Vassar College (1897-1927) 
Hall, Edward T, St. Marks School, Southborough, Mass. 
Harman, Archer, St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H. 
Harman, Archer Jr, St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H. 
Hincks, John H, Professor of History, Atlanta University (1849-1894) 
Hine, Charles D, Secretary, Connecticut State Board of Education (1883-1920) 
Hoxton, Archibald R, Episcopal High School 
Hoyt, Joseph G, Chancellor Washington University (1858-1862) 
Ives, Chauncey B, Adirondack - Florida School 
Johnson, Charles F, Professor of Mathematics, U.S. Navel Academy (1865-70), Trinity College (1884-1906) 
Johnston, Henry Phelps, Professor of History, N.Y. City College (1883-1916)} 
Johnston, William, Professor of English Literature, Washington & Lee (1867-77) and Louisiana State University (1883-89) 
Jones, Theodore S, Institute of Contemporary Art 
Kingsbury, Howard T, Westminster School 
Knapp, John M, Princeton University 
Learned, Dwight Whitney, Professor of Church History, Doshiba College, Japan (1876-1928) 
McClintock, Norman, Professor of Zoology, University of Pittsburg (1925-1930) 
Macleish, Archibald, Library of Congress (1939-1944), UNESCO, State Dept. OWI, Howard University 
Moore, Eliakim H, Professor of Mathematics, University of Chicago (1892-1931) 
Nichols, Alfred B, Professor of German, Simmons College 
Norton, WIlliam B, Professor of History Boston University 
Owen, Edward T, Professor of French, University of Wisconsin (1879-1931) 
Parsons, Henry], Columbia University 
Perry, David B, President, Douana College (1881-1912) 
Pomeroy, John, Professor of Law, University of Illinois (1910-24) 
Potwin, Lemuel S, Professor, Western Reserve University 
Reed, Harry L, President, Auburn Theological Seminary 
Richardson, Rufus B, Director of American School of Classical Studies Athens (1893-1903) 
Russell, William H, Collegiate School, Hartford 
Seely, William W, Dean, Medical Faculty, University of Cincinnati (1881-1900) 
Southworth, George CS, Bexley Theological Seminary (1888-1900) 
Stagg, Amos A, Dir. Physical Education, University of Chicago 
Stillman, George S, St. Pauls School 
Tighe, Lawrence G, Treasurer of Yale 
Twichell, Charles P, St. Louis Country Day School 
Tyler, Charles M, Professor of History, Cornell University (1891-1903) 
Tyler, Moses Coit, Professor at Cornell (1867-1900) 
Watkins, Charles L, Director, Phillips Art School 
Yardley, Henry A, Berkeley Divinity School (1867-1882) 

Total: 201 positions of political, economic, and educational influence (less than 15% members accounted for) 

The Main families (Note some members have not been accounted for above) 

Taft Alphonso 1833 
Taft Charles Phelps 1918 
Taft Henry Waters 1880 
Taft Horace Dutton 1883 
Taft Hulbert 1900 
Taft Peter Rawson 1867 
Taft Robert Alphonso 1910 
Taft Thomas Prindle 1971 
Taft William Howard 1878 

Bush Derek C. 1967 
Bush George Herbert Walker 1948 
Bush George Walker 1968 
Bush James S. 1922 
Bush Jonathan 1953 
Bush Prescott Sheldon 1917 

Whitney Edward Baldwin 1878 
Whitney Edward Payson 1854 
Whitney Emerson Cogswell 1851 
Whitney Harry Payne 1894 
Whitney James Lyman 1856 
Whitney Joseph Ernest 1882 
Whitney Payne 1898 
Whitney William Collins 1863 
Whitney William Dwight 

Lord Charles Edwin 1949 
Lord Franklin Atkins 1898 
Lord George de Forest 1854 
Lord Oswald Bates 1926 
Lord William Galey 1922 
Lord Winston 1959 

Harriman Edward Roland ("Bunny") Noel 1917 
Harriman William Averell 1913 

Bundy Frederick McGeorge 1921 
Bundy Harvey Hollister 1909 
Bundy Hollister 1909 
Bundy McGeorge 1940 
Bundy William Putman 1939 

Russell Frank Ford 1926 
Russell Philip Gray 1876 
Russell Richard George 1981 
Russell Richard Warren 1951 
Russell William Huntington (Founding S&B) 1833 

Perkins John 1840 
Perkins Nathaniel Shaw 1842 
Perkins Thomas Albert 1858 
Perkins William 1840 

Phelps Edward Johnson 1886 
Phelps Sheffield 1886 
Phelps William Walter 1860 
Phelps Zira Bennett 1895 

Cheney Clifford Dudley 1898 
Cheney Frank Dexter 1900 
Cheney Howell 1892 
Cheney Philip 1901 
Cheney Ronald Lawton 1958 
Cheney Russell 1904 
Cheney Thomas Langdon 1901 
Cheney Ward 1896 
Cheney, Jr. Knight Dexter 1892 

See more on S&B families here: 


The research has shown that S&B indeed have a monopoly over economic and political power 
across an entire spectrum of fields, the more prominient being government, 
banking and education.
 Also shown is how initation in S&B is based on a nepotistic elite bloodline system, 
 where certain families dominate the most powerful positions and network amongst each other.
  Some of the members not accounted for, yet listed officially, are Republicans, democrats, 
	of previous administrations, and other government position holders. 

The biggest shock is that S&B has also infiltrated the entire faculty of Yale and other colleges 
and the media. It would not be an overstatement to state that S&B is the most powerful a
nd insidious organization in the world. 
To claim this to be a college fraternity would be simple mindedness of the highest order.
 The facts clearly show that the S&B is an elite satanic cult, that pre-selects it's members
  on bloodlines and who remain members for life. 

Research into S&B members will show a lot of sinister and foul play, from funding
 and directing all the wars, Vietnam, Korean, world wars. Links with Nazis, Stalin, 
 Saddam, Khomenai, Osama Bin Laden, and a lot of support for fascism. 
 The S&B members have been the driving force behind the NWO. 

As much as this all belies belief, no one can overlook the fact that a single organization,
 that practices satanic rituals has controlled and orchestrated everything in the world 
 for hundreds of years. A further proof of this comes from George Washington's 
 acknowledgement to a conspiracy by the "Illumananti" 

quote: John Robison, a professor of natural philosophy at Edinburgh University in Scotland 
and a member of a Freemason Lodge, 

said that he was asked to join the Illuminati. After study, he concluded the purposes 
of the Illuminati were not for him. 

In 1798, he published a book called "Proofs Of A Conspiracy": 

"An association has been formed for the express purpose of rooting out all the religious 
establishments and overturning all the existing governments.... 
the leaders would rule the World with uncontrollable power, while all the rest would be employed 
as tools of the ambition of their unknown superiors." 

"Proofs of A Conspiracy" was sent to George Washington. 
Responding to the sender of the book with a letter, the president 

said he was aware the Illuminati were in America. He felt that the Illuminati 
had "diabolical tenets" and that their object was "a separation of the People from their government." 

In "Proofs Of A Conspiracy", Robison printed the ceremony of initiation of the
 "Regent degree" in Illuminism. In it "a skeleton is pointed out to him [the initiate], 
 at the feet of which are laid a crown and a sword. He is asked 'whether that is the 
 skeleton of a king, nobleman or a beggar.' As he cannot decide, the president of the 
 meeting says to him, 'The character of being a man is the only one that is importance'". 

This is, essentially, the same as the writing in the Skull & Bones "tomb": 

"Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, Bettler oder Kaiser? 
Ob Arm, ob Reich, im Tode gleich." 

Which reads: 

"Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? 
Whether poor or rich, all's the same in death."

To think that all these men and women have gone through satanic rituals and worshipped 
death. It really does make you question whether anything is real anymore. 


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