This is masons reaction when being confronted with "Skull and Bones" -
They deny any connection at all even to the most basic evidenice that it is a Freemason creation.
What do you think?
cotwom, There be no skull and bones on our aprons!!! Of course the symbols means something!!!
MasonicbLight,It is common to find a skull and crossbones on some aprons in France
(NO mention of George Washington)
orangeman dave ,i for one have never seen an apron with skull and bones on it
99CentsStore, I believe it is time ot ignore gleamer
Agnis,Exactly, it useless even to try to convince him about anything
All agreed that the Skull and Bones did not exist on aprons and had no meaning to masons
( we will hear now about mortality) They forgot
My first introduction to the Knight Templar Apron was made on my first visit to the George Washington Masoni2c Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. There in the ante room to the Lodge is a large portrait of Lafayette wearing a black apron featuring the skull and cross bones. After a bit of inquiry, I was informed that the apron was that of a Knight Templar, which was one of the many orders into which Lafayette was received while he visited the United States during the Colonial Revolution. I was also told that there were three other Knight Templar aprons in the Memorial, located in the Chapter Room. 18- Knight Rose Croix This degree emphasizes that life and its strength come from God. The rose signifies the dawn and the cross is a sacred symbol of antiquity in many cultures. One is also taught to be tolerant of others errors and their faults. The apron worn is of white leather or satin, bordered in red, with a skull and cross-bones, a red passion cross, and three red rosettes. The grand jewel is a gold compass open a quarter circle. A rose-cross is between the legs of the compass and under it is a pelican, tearing its breast to feed its seven young on the obverse and an eagle with wings extended on the reverse. On the circle are the letters I.N.R.I.
The Freemason will never tell you the simplist thing. For example
You must be invited
Just ask a Mason
Some thing from above
MasonicbLight says...."it is common to find...on France."
Now to me, this would seem rare.
Freemasons are masters of diversion,distraction,avoidance,and manipulation