the official story. WTC American Airlines flight 11, Boeing 767, number N334AA, 92 people aboard, ijacked by 5 Arabs,on route from Boston to LA, hjacked, .25 AM or earlier, hit the North tower WTC at 8.46. United Airlines flight 175,Boeing 767, number N612UA, 65 aboard , hijacked by 5 Arabs, on route from Boston to LA, was hijacked at about 8.55 AM and hit the South Tower of the WTC at 9.03. Pentagon American Airlines flight 77,Boeing 757,number N644AA, 64 aboard, hijacked by 5 Arabs on route from Dulles airport (DC) to LA, at about 8.55 and hit the Pentagon at 9.45. Lets Roll Flight PA United Airlines flight 93, Boeing 757,number N591UA,45 aboard, on route from Newark (New Jersey) to SF , hijacked by 4 Arabs, about 9.45, and crashed in PA at 10.10. US Response... the US air force did not scramble a single fighter jet to intercept any of the hijacked planes. Bush lied about his movements on the morning, inventing a story that he was already in the school when the first WTC strike happened. He went into the school after hearing airline crashed into WTC - Please note ; the Senior Bush "can't remember " where he was when JFK was murdered. 19 Arabs- involved , says the FBI _but, the passenger lists provided by the airlines to CNN did not contain a single Arabic name. How did they get on the flights without being on the passenger lists ? 19 Arabic men boarded planes with non Arabic false ID's? With no complications ? ( At least 9 of them survived 9/11) 4 aircraft hijacked and no alert to ATC of a hijacking - 4 times is not on statistical proberility chart, but it happen says Government. The air skills needed to fly a Boeing 767 's into contact with WTC towers were beyond the skill of any of the 19 named hijackers. American Airlines Flight 11 - United Airlines flight 175 American Airlines flight 77 United Airlines flight 93 The time it took for investigations to start Sinking of the Titanic 6 days JFK Assassination 7 days The Challenger Disaster 7 days Pearl Harbour Attack 9 days The Events of 9/11 -- over Bush objection and delays 441 days