Simon Wolf OPPENHEIM "Zur Blume" [son of Loeb Josef Jehuda OPPENHEIM] (b. 1580 Frankfurt?, d. 4 Nov 1664 Worms or 1632 or 1630 Frankfurt), married (1619) Edel BACHARACH, (b. about 1605 Frankfurt, d. 14 Dec 1668 Worms) daughter of Samuel (Schmul) BACHRACH (DRACH) "Zum Drachen" and Hindel BRUSEL daughter of Jakob BRUSEL from Frankfurt. ...............
Illuminati instigates methods to insure and ensure the enslavement  (order/peace)    They have countries in which they reside , but their allegience is to the Agenda and faithful obiendence to "Higher " beings  - they have a common blood heritage which is monitored as one monitors the lineage of show animals. The Vatican and Latter Days Saints (Morman ) maintain genealogy records.
They are the Royals of the world ...............
By 1750, out of 2,500 Jews in the American Colonies, the majority was Ashkenazi. They were Yiddish-speaking Jews from Holland, Germany, Poland and England. The first Jews were merchants and traders. Since then, Ashkenazi Jews have built up communities throughout the United States.
By the end of the 19th century, as a result of Russian persecution, there was massive Ashkenazi emigration from Eastern Europe to other areas of Europe, Australia, South Africa, the United States and Israel. 
Ashkenazim outnumbered Sephardim everywhere except North Africa, Italy, the Middle East and parts of Asia. Before World War II, Ashkenazim comprised 90% of world Jewry.
Editor; Frankel the spiritual founder of 90% of jewery ;-; 
It is Frankel who turned Bauer to Rothschild, when he returned to Frankfort( - he was under wing of Oppenheim in Hanover - but note; Frankel sent Bauer to Oppenheir- )it is then the new formed Rothschilds start meeting Kings and such peerage.
The genealogy claimed and shown is one of the  most proven methods used by humankind. The facts speak for what is there. 
Human life spans a defined number of years, Time plays a part,kids must grow,Time plays a part, do not dismiss time.
It is seen  the creation of the Isreal was a ploy in some plan of the Agenda.
 Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers... all to keep the Royals royal -a symbiotic/ parasitic relationship on the human body.
The Vatican is a country. Italy is ruled by the Savoys, a mystical long line family.
On October 23, 2002, the provision in the Italian constitution that barred the male descendants of the house of Savoy from setting foot in the Italian Republic was abolished, permitting Victor Emmanuel to re-enter the country after November 10 of that year.
 On his first trip home in over half a century, he and the princess of Naples, and their son, had a 20-minute audience with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican. Victor Emmanuel told the press that the audience with the supreme pontiff was "very important" to their family and that "it [was] almost a page in history."
The visit lasted just three days. Victor Emmanuel spoke of experiencing "indescribable emotion" upon visiting his homeland for the first time since he was nine years old. The reception of the Savoys was mixed; most people were indifferent to them, some hostile, few supportive. The media reported that many in Naples were not happy to see the return of the family. 
 THE SAVOYS go to the POPE -the Vatican and Royality are intertwined 
Combine the wealth of the Vatican and all Royality - who rules the world? 
The specious arguements put aside - there are the Kings men and the rest. Our leaders are all from the same bloodlines.
Our history is one of war and mayhem all inflicted in some cause of our leaders - who all come from the same bloodlines 
Aryan is from arya ‘gentleman’ and/or (both?) ar ‘white’ + ya ‘God’ [p 1]; it refers to those who follow Vedic teachings, not to a ‘race’ or linguistic grouping
Fever is from jwar ‘fever’ via jever [p 30]
America is from Amaraka ‘land of immortals’ [p 56]