The Pentagon and the vanished airplane

The commander of NORAD, General Ralph Eberhart, The attack on the Pentagon has never been investigated Click will enlarge images
Boeing 757
Two 166.4kN (37,400lb) RollsRoyce RB211-535C turbofans, or 178.8kN (40,200lb) RB211-535E4s, or 193.5kN (43,500lb) RB211-535E4-Bs, or 162.8kN (36,600lb) Pratt & Whitney PW2037s, or two 178.4kN (40,100lb) PW2040s, or 189.5kN (42,600lb) PW2043s.
Wing span
38.05m (124ft 10in),
length 47.32m (155ft 3in), height 13.56m (44ft 6in). Wing area 185.3m2 (1994sq ft).
Size of 757 to man on ground
Boeing 757 Nose Radome is made of composit material which would shatter on inpact.
Marion Composites
the rest of plane is an aluminum skin over aluminum frame with some composits interior components
landing gear is highest quality steels

Low Speed Collision This low speed collision by a smaller airplace is a good example of damage to building one would expect when a plane hits a building
The angle is very similar to the 757's approach to Pentagon     Notice right wing

The Film comparison what it should look like

No explaination of why date is incorrect
The Pentagon The lawn is un marked

Pre roof collapse Notice the line of windows .. there is only a hole estimated to be 65 feet in diamenter

Wreckage ..what's it from?

Exit hole caused by a composit radome GlobalHawk Missile

Analysis of Pentagon
Mathmatical Pictorial Pentagon
Pictures and Analysis

NORAD and Air Force

911 Commission Final Report ( Searchable )

The "plane" hit the Pentagon at9:37:46 am
The   Warren    911 Commission said this .....At 9:37:46, American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, travel ing at approximately 530 miles per hour.61 All on board, as well as many civilian and military personnel in the building, were killed.
.......After releasing the report,
Commission Chair Thomas Kean declared that both Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had been "not well served" by the FBI and CIA.............
Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, current chairman of the Joint Chiefs, told the Senate Armed Services Committee:
"When it became clear what the threat was, we did scramble fighter aircraft, AWACs, radar aircraft and tanker aircraft to begin to establish orbits in case other aircraft showed up in the FAA system that were hijacked...
That order, to the best of my knowledge, was after the Pentagon was struck."
Marine Corps Maj. Mike Snyder, a spokesman for NORAD, added this to Myers in a Sept. 15 Boston Globe story, which stated: "The command did not immediately scramble any fighters even though it was alerted to a hijacking 10 minutes before the first plan slammed into the first World Trade Center tower The planes sat on the ground ... Incomprehensible Full Story
The spokesman said the fighters remained on the ground until after the Pentagon was hit

it was known by about 08:55 that Flight 77 had been hijacked and that the Pentagon could be a target, there were no defensive moves were made to protect the Pentagon, the F-16s were scrambled out of Langley Airforce base too late.Langley is about 130 miles southwest of the Pentagon, Bolling AFB is just across the Potomac from the Pentagon, at most 5 miles southeast and Andrews about 10 miles. The Langley F-16s left the ground about two minutes before the Pentagon was hit.

Then there is the mystery of United Flight 93. In the Seattle Times of Sept. 16, Maj. Gen. Paul Weaver, director of the Air National Guard, is quoted as saying that "no Air National Guard or other military planes were scrambled to chase the fourth hijacked airliner, United Airlines Flight 93." No military planes were scrambled! Remember, this plane came crashing down in Pennsylvania almost an hour and a half after the first tower was struck.

At NEADS, the report of the hijacking was relayed immediately to Battle Commander Colonel Robert Marr. After ordering the Otis fighters to battle stations, Colonel Marr phoned Major General Larry Arnold, commanding general of the First Air Force and NORAD’s Continental Region. Marr sought authorization to scramble the Otis fighters. General Arnold later recalled instructing Marr to “go ahead and scramble them, and we’ll get authorities later.” General Arnold then called NORAD headquarters to report.
,,,,,,,,,,,,Because the Otis fighters had expended a great deal of fuel in flying first to military airspace and then to New York, the battle commanders were concerned about refueling. NEADS considered scrambling alert fighters from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia to New York, to provide backup.The Langley fighters were placed on battle stations at 9:09.137 NORAD had no indication that any other plane had been hijacked.
.............Reagan National controllers then vectored an unarmed National Guard C 130H cargo aircraft, which had just taken off en route to Minnesota, to iden tify and follow the suspicious aircraft.The C-130H pilot spotted it, identified it as a Boeing 757, attempted to follow its path, and at 9:38, seconds after impact, reported to the control tower:“looks like that aircraft crashed into the Pentagon sir.”147 Military Notification and Response. NORAD heard nothing about the search for American 77. Instead, the NEADS air defenders heard renewed reports about a plane that no longer existed: American 11.
..............Operators worked feverishly to include the FAA, but they had equipment problems and difficulty finding secure phone numbers. NORAD asked three times before 10:03 to confirm the presence of the FAA in the teleconference. The FAA representative who finally joined the call at 10:17 had no familiarity with or responsibility for hijackings, no access to decisionmakers, and none of the information available to senior FAA officials.
............At 9:39, the NMCC’s deputy director for operations, a military officer, opened the call from the Pentagon, which had just been hit. He began:“An air attack against North America may be in progress. NORAD, what’s the situation?” NORAD said it had conflicting reports. Its latest information was “of a possible hijacked aircraft taking off out of JFK en route to Washington D.C.” The NMCC reported a crash into the mall side of the Pentagon and requested that the Secretary of Defense be added to the conference.
..............NORAD had no information either. At 10:07, its representative on the air threat conference call stated that NORAD had “no indication of a hijack heading to DC at this time.”226 Repeatedly between 10:14 and 10:19, a lieutenant colonel at the White House relayed to the NMCC that the Vice President had confirmed fighters were cleared to engage inbound aircraft if they could verify that the aircraft was hijacked. 10:31, General Larry Arnold instructed his staff to broadcast the following over a NORAD instant messaging system: “10:31 Vice president has cleared to us to intercept tracks of interest and shoot them down if they do not respond per [General Arnold].”
.........By 10:45 there was, however, another set of fighters circling Washington that had entirely different rules of engagement.These fighters, part of the 113th Wing of the District of Columbia Air National Guard, launched out of Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland in response to information passed to them by the Secret Service.The first of the Andrews fighters was airborne at 10:38.
.........There is no evidence that NORAD headquarters or military officials in the NMCC knew—during the morning of September 11—that the Andrews planes were airborne and operating under different rules of engagement.

Not a single person has been fired or had any negitive repercussions from the obvious , at minnium, dereliction of duty In Fact there are many who were promoted
The unanswered question .. Why was the missile defense system that surronds the Capitol turned off and who turned it off ???