Royals -  1. Afghanistan   King Zahir Shah  1
              3. American Samoa  USA Dependant
               4. Andorra  from 527  Bishop of Urgell is the Catholic Bishop for Urgell in Catalan Spain.(C)
                                                                                 He is also a Co-Prince of Andorra. 2
               5.  Angola              Independence: November 11, 1975 (from Portugal)  His Royal Highness (C)
                                            Dom Duarte III Pio, Duke of  Braganza, Head of the Royal House of Portugal 3

              6. Anguilla                 English Crown4
               7.Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda form the independent nation of Antigua and Barbuda      English Crown 5
             8. Argentina               Independence: 9 July 1816 (from Spain). *
               9.Armenia         Independence:   1918; First Armenian Republic (from Turkey, the then declining Ottoman Empire).
                                                              21 September 1991 (from Soviet Union).
               10. Aruba      The Queen of the Netherlands appoints the governor of Aruba who holds office for a 6-year term, and acts as her representative 6
             11.  Ascension Island -UK 7
               12. Australia           -UK 8
             13. Austria          Pope John Paul II beatified the last Austro-Hungarian emperor, Charles I, who is remembered in Austria for authorising the use of mustard gas during World War I. The move brings the Habsburg monarch one step from sainthood. 9 (C)
              14 Azerbaijan - a nation of Turkic Muslims
             15. The Islands Of The Bahamas  Independence: 10 July 1973 (from UK) 10. 
               16  Bahrain   Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa 11
              17     Bangladesh      Independence: 26 March 1971 (from Pakistan).
             18.       Barbados      British colony until internal autonomy was granted in 1961. The Island gained full independence in 1966, and maintains ties to the Britain monarch represented in Barbados by the Governor General 12
           19. Belarus          attained its independence in 1991. from Russia Belarus and Russia signed a treaty on a two-state               union on 8 December 
           20. Belgium    constitutional monarch  German prince who was the uncle of Britain's Queen Victoria -- was elected to be Belgium's first king. 13
          21 Belize,  was British Honduras until 1973 14
         22 .  Benin  Peoples Republic -  Voodoo originated in Benin and was introduced to Brazil, the Caribbean Islands, and parts of North America by slaves taken from this particular area of the Slave Coast. The indigenous religion of Benin is practiced by about 70% of the population
     23 Bermuda  UK 15
   24  Bhutan   King, or Druk Gyalpo, presently Jigme Singye Wangchuck 16
   25 Bolivia   Independence  was proclaimed in 1809, but 16 years of struggle followed before the establishment of the republic, named for Simón Bolívar, on August 6, 1825 (C)