The above bishop was the overseer in the escape of John H. Surratt
1 once a Jesusit priest , complicit in the assination of Abraham Lincoln 
- Because the scope is so overwhelming I will call this coincidence C1,
The attempt here is to see if a way can be found to logicaly and mathmaticly disengage from 
the ravonous beast who now controll us 
,the meek,hungry,the lame and the sick,the old and the young.. 
I do not feel any need to argue that the peoples of the world have been ruled. 
They were and we are ruled,the proponderance of evidence in this matter is so over whealming , 
that to argue against it, is not even good exercise..A tale makes no difference, 
dispense them all, think of this, "The day the Queen went Broke"
Some think of Iraq as a battle for freedom, it is not, we should have invaded with 
movies and music and the tastes of liberety,
 Rock and Roll brought down the Berlin Wall. "When the mode of the music changes, 
 the walls of the city shake" -Plato/Socrates
C1 is represenitive of a multitude of connections with The Society of Jesus in this one 
incident, its reliablity is assured ,  it is not incidental, 
it was known at the highest of offices in the Catholic Church.
 I choose this point to begin because most Americans know him as a murdered President, 
 little else matters at this point, for you see the reason the facts are  locked away for
  75 years is to assure the criminals are not caught, the facts will be manipulated for the 
	"good" of the general public. Some Lincoln documents are still locked away.
	The public mind moves on, most likely over whelmed again by some government led good deed.\par
What we can decuce from this is that a relationship exists between the government 
and the Vatican. 
This is of course the reason that Vatican City is a country unto itself and not 
just the Papacy - a fairly transparent guise.
We can further deduce that the relationship is well established and was not brand new in 1863.
 John H. Surratt  was defended by two Catholic lawyers, tops in the arena, who paid
 and hired them remains unknown.
 Most of the people involved were Cathloics. Father J. B. Menu, from St. Charles College, 
 (Sulpician Monastery) spent the day in the courtroom, sitting beside the prisoner all day. 
 A great many of the students from the same college also visited the trial, it being vacation, 
 and they uniformly took great pains to show their sympathy with the prisoner 
 by shaking hands with him.
The connection to the Vatican is established. 
The Vatican was also sympathic to the cause of the South and was at the same time 
trying to establish Maximilian, a Catholic prince as the protector of Mexico.