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... Mason Clan
Knights of Golden
The KKK didn't get a clean start.
It was either Pike or Forrest or as some say it was formed by 6 Confederate veterans.
Pike,a Freemason hero is the only Confederate general with a statue in Washington D.C.
Forrest may have been a mason some say so others do not mention it.
The structure and names of both groups are similar, both are secret and have sworn oaths to secrecy.
Simmens The guy credited with the start of the new KKK was a mason.
> A mason explains
Bondi=What you have to remember though, is the original KKK is not the same as the KKK known today. This has been discussed previously on many occassions, and no GLeamer not only by mason's defending the fraternity, I am sure a quick ATS search will provide you with the threads you would need. With this in mind, there is no real wrong in a mason being involved in the formation of the Klan, as it originally was. He is british and in england