Mason Defense page

"Combine the supposed 'secrecy' of three centuries of Masonry" -
The first lie; easily proved by many sources
It goes on ..."(and be sure to ignore the hundreds of exposes and about a hundred thousand books on the subject),"
It challenges you and spews riddicule - minimal research, within Mason documents, is needed to show the Craft goes back to written historys Sumur they claim to be mentioned in Genisis(SIC)
They tell a lie then challenge you ; this is a well know ploy and has worked with many - So you "believe" them.
Just a bunch of good fellows.
One hand knows not what the other hand does, is a summerery of mason approach. Albert Pike and other extoll the virtue of leading by lying, then of course you are given a reason that this is good.
What a decorated mason means is only know to Freemasons - They are the source of other secret societies, they are involved in the creation of many religions

It continues and ends -WHEW
"Things are not always what they seem;" (LOL no they aren't) " most of us learn that as we get older. A healthy skepticism is fine but knowing with absolute certainty that there are monsters under the bed is something which should have been left behind in childhood. And when someone has these extreme delusions of world-wide conspiracy which include the Masonic fraternity, it's all too easy to stop, listen, and perhaps even believe their tales, despite the tortured 'proof' riddled with lies, omission, and deceit! Although they won't admit it, the paranoid and fearful are easy prey to accepting and transmitting hate and lies about Masonry.

The sentence containing "the paranoid and fearful are easy prey" is what the agenda employs. My life has been lived under the threat of nuclear destruction, "Eve of Destruction " was a big hit in music. Chaos and deception are the norm.
A Link "supporting" does not work -- not a serious source!
"You can't wake a man pretending to be asleep" - we cannot pretend any longer