The Blind Spot and Geometry.

How is it that we, the people, continue to elect men
to "public" office, that belong to and in general are high 
ranked members of, secret societies?

How do Americans with the credo of truth,liberty and the American way,
 wrap their minds around the logic of men running for "public" office
 with  sworn "death oaths" to  "secret societies"

One does not have to look too closely 
to see that there is something wrong about that.

How is it that the press, caretaker of our freedom of speech,
 delve more deeply into the sexual proclivities of the note worthy,
then explore why this cadre of secret societies continue to
occupy the highest of "public" office,time after -time.

How is it that the justice system is rife with members of secret societies,
some appointed by members of other secret societies?

To dissolve these questions as coincidental happenstance is disingenuous 
and would undoubtedly fail any statistical examination.

The people we have place in power have led us to the 
situations we face today. The people we have placed in 
power have spent our goodwill and money on wars and weapons of death

How is it that immediately after 11 Sept 2001 
no discussion was ever publicly broached 
of embargoing oil or indeed rationing if needed?

As a citizen of the USA and an human earthling it is my obligation
to be as informed as I can be about actions that surround me 
and ones that I am engaged in.

The tree is know by its fruit.
We have a large rooted tree running things. 

Differential geometry is the basis of Einsteins
unified field theory and is summarized for the unified field as follows;... 
Statistical and empirical evidence points to forces that are controlled by  
geometrical logic - the kind Bogart had a problem (see Cain Mutiny )
The rectangular periodic table is familiar to anybody who has  ever been in a 
science laboratory or classroom. 
This ingenious functional grouping of the chemical elements was created by several  
European scientists in the decade of the 1860's. In 1863,
 a 44 year old French geologist, A. E. Béguyer de Chancourtois created a list of the 
 elements arranged by increasing atomic weight. 
The list was wrapped around a cylinder so that several sets of similar elements 
 lined up, creating the first ""geometric"" representation of the periodic law.
There is something to be said for geometry, in so far as just recognizing ,
that it is paramount in the evolution of "science".
My wonderization is why/how this large rooted tree, thats been running things 
and building things for thousands of years, employes sacred geometry.
Could the function of dimensional shifting be a geometrical principal known to some?