Sybil Edmonds 

She says FBI knew about Osama ben laudin planing to attack She says they ignored/became hostile to her.

But wait, this is the bind - Why would the FBI ignore this = 
1. This is not a true story
 If messages were flying around that more then indicated an attack
 these messages were ment to convey more then information about "arab terrorists"., 
These messages told those that would need to know, that their part in the plan was to begin, the plan was to be carried out.
 Why would the fbi be upsetfinding their inteligence was so good that they actually had insight into OsBeLd
1955 - girl lays on bed mooning about boy - 2005 girl lays on bed mooning about boy while masterbating.
So why!?  - What exactly is the governered being told. 

She claims pre knowledge (ben Laden) in message planing attack,
 OBL says he" had nothing to do with it". 
The great master of terrorist devises a plan that coincidently has all Air Force coverage cancelled for a period of time (ah hah),that causes the only know distruction of steel buildings in history (other then demolition), puts a neat hole into the most powerful and protected reinforced concret Pentagon building,brings the Mighty Satan to its knees and they deny having anything to do with it.
The claim was Saudis led the implimentation, under his auspicus, of this brilliant stroke of reconing, and Osama says he had "nothing to do with it"

Was the FBI upset because Edmonds reveled the fbi was recieving messages.
and the messages were un translated or wrongly translated

Untranslated may have as much or more importance as any other document recieved by the sources of the FBI.
Wrongly translated - incompetance or design. This is where you must be aware of the John Fuller factor. The FBI was involved the "Hoods for Heros" the plan setting the Maffis up in business and freeing Lucy Lucianno.
Then,JFK,MLK,RFK,4 Dead in Ohio, Ruby Ridge, Wacco, Murger Building (OK City),Twin Tower Bomb "Test" , 
Yup I said it, first Twin Tower Bomb was a test.They send a blind Muslim nut bag to jail for it., whos gonna listen to him!

The complicity of the fbi throughout our history is profound.
 It is not the interstate nabbing of criminals it was/is thought/devised to be.
I do find irony knowing a little of J.Edger Hoover personal side and the naming of the fbi building for him. Must make the folks feel a little creepy going into work - "Are you gonna step up or step back", I am the mate of Hoover.

The point is that Edmonds is tieing back door credibility to a most unlikely story.(Ben Ladin did it)
Edmonds is a plant. Knowenly or not, it is another blind road set up, so prevelant in JFK and many other neferious deeds.
Thats what they do - they load you up and just keep doing it until their time is up and their deeds seal from prying eyes , then the next Ruler steps in and contrives a differemt aspect of the Grand Plan.
The value of her story is the claim of getting messages, not in the OBL decoy.

No one today would think about persuing JFKs killers,  the trail leads right to the White House Steps.