This site -The Acts of the Democracies - has very good information (Not about us vote ) Straight reporting of the tracks left Greg Borowski, as he usually does, writes a solid evaluation of the vote fraud here in the land of cheese. How the Journal Sentinel was able to get a reporter who actually reports amazes me. Especially when the true position of the Journal Sentinel is represented here in the opinion of Ricardo Pimentel the Opinion editor. Only one thing is worse. That is the Racine Journal Times coverage. No link here because they donít even bother covering the issue. I would never link you to the Racine Journal Times in any case, that is, unless you had rotting fish that needed to be covered. The report itself has identified a number of fraudulent activities. They follow: I. 100 instances of double voting II. More than 200 felons voting III. Paid registrars listing false names as new registered voters IV. The number of votes counted exceeds the number of identified voters by 4,609. V. And, what I consider the REAL problem Ė the original voter registration lists are in such poor condition it is impossible for even trained investigators to use them to verify activity on November 2, 2004. GWB good friend with