{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 Arial;}} {\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 The Asssins \par These extremely detailed , thought out, plots and plans and planning that were executed by JoHn W Booth who after deed, leapt to stage crying out "Death to tyrants", he was an actor,what different story if he had not twisted?broke ankle\par One of the conspirators fled to Canada and was boldly protected by the Cathloic Church,he was later caught and tried by a jury of his peers - other Roman Catholics. Not guilty said they and he walked free, no real prosecution was attemped and not a question of the Churchs involvement.\par \par Lee Harvey Oswald was just as he said he was and that was the reason he had to die ,"I am just a patesy"\par If he hadn't uttered those words he may have lived. At least for a time.\par \par Jack Ruby walked into the Dallas Police Station near Oswalds brief walk, Oswald was only going to be exposed for one or 2 minites, the cops knew Jack Ruby. One lone nut kills another lone nut.The most important figure in the murder of a President is murdered while in police custody.\par \par The string of implausibles and coincidencies is so vast that anyone not believing a government conspiracy had a hand in these murders must be looked at as mentaly chalenged and receiting route phrases of belief .\par \par Just one here. Oswald was captured in a movie theater. This theater was owned by Howard Hughes,an admitted CIA asset.The theater was a meeting place for other CIA types and well known in their circle.\par Strange of all the places to go Oswald randomly choose this one.\par \par Sirhan Sirhan - perhaps the first of the Monarch/Ultra killers, drugged and hynotized he partakes in a plot to kill RFK. He was not the only shooter, but certainally was the most public and easlily passed off as another lone nut.\par \par James Earl Ray proof that playing with fire will get you burned. His trial was a monument to fabrication and another lone nut sentenance to life. The Kings seek another trial as the evidence became apparant that JER was set up. A civil trial finds a government conspiracy at Federal and State levels.\par \par The following is a partial list of FBI/CIA/ATF/government murders, there is no telling how many others are dead/maimed/distroyed.\par The CIA is complicited in plots and intrigues world wide,that truely have caused the death of millions.\par These are just on USA soil.\par \par \par }