The mason -christian connection is well established -
putting christian in place of freemason works because they are the same people.
The vatican even holds a masonic degree -you know the vatican -
mother of christianity
I am not a follower of any- what the world calls religion.
I am a child of the Great Spirit - all I know comes through this knowledge.
The idea of hating is not a worthy thing - I hate no man
Its kinda like having a war to end a war mentality - never has worked.
Seems to me ,that if I had the misfortune to belong to a group
that would actually have me (unlikley), and there were stories
carried throughout history of this ill advised groups involvement with heinous perfidious acts,
I would be at least be a little circumspect of where I obtained -what the world calls -
Bondi writes..." Your right, you have actually convinced me even more so that there is definetly not
any proven conspiracy -....."
I am begining to think that this is some kind of masons double think.
That the programing masons go through produces these kind of words... " definety not proven" ...
unless you see something yourself there is no proof
and if you see it, you need no proof.
You can arrive at "a proof" through investigation and evidence (sometimes lack of).
Proofs themselfs are theory There are no proofs until there is a theory