When Absurdities become fact logic will follow

Logic is a child of illogic- absurd-sublime_
We should avoid being illogical and absurd
Right here are 2000 links to references of absurdities in Holey Books
They are explained away by divination faith or greater understanding
You are not smart holy focused devote enough to divine these mis-stories
Give your money time life to this particular mis-story and you will-(insert here more absurdities of "Heaven")
Go to Paradise
You are in Paradise right now
Who needs to tell you this
If your actions here on earth effect the outcome of ether worlds- Then they must be part of the ether world and the ether worlds part of earth
Always was always will be
and even to some "True Believers" your thoughts
It is well shown that the one uniting factor in all humans past to present
Is concept of uniting factor-God
This is true
The thinking of god is universal
Evil is anathema to biospirit survival
Is it possible that evil can/has been eliminated
Perhaps in a galaxy far away
The same biospirit exists
Eliminating evil is a biospitit need and a necessity of evolution
as life
is a biospirit function
Each human knows their own thoughts
The muck of earth gives birth to the biospirit which gave life to the earth
Always was
Always will be
Evil thoughts lead to evil acts
Knowing what is evil is cultural
Perhaps human sacrifices led to the downfall of many past religions
The passing of religion goes on -a necessity
Replaced by a more benign version
These past millennium shows the true evils brought on by religion
In this day and age we can see with open eyes the misery brought on by churches and structured religious thought
The passing will occur
Always was always will be
B. A. Noyes