Arab/Mid East Women
I read somewhere of this Non Turban tribe woman who decieded to wear modified Arab womens' gear because her neighbors who were REQUIRED
to wear the outlandish dress ,called for by the masters,
The Non turbanese women said she felt bad because the Turban wearers felt fearful going out dressed like they MUST
So she decieded to dress somewhat like them to show-? I never did get what this moroness's point was.
Maybe she was telling them that it O.K. to be required, ordered,threatened.
Maybe she is as sick as them
Mid-Eastern woman has nothing but an appatite.
Equality under the Law is meaningless.
They must obey or die. It's just that simple.

This is sanctioned.Allah
dig it lady-
Solman Rushie some how became cominical; ain't that way now - we all are Solammann Rushky

B. A. Noyes