My birth name was Benjaman Andrew Noyes, given at Lynn hospital 29 November 1944.
At some point, I ended up in the Bradley family I was under a year old. Some people say something and others say other things. I have my memories
I was always told that I was adopted.
This turns out to be not true
I never felt adopted
and the records are gone/never existed/
Peggy Bradley , my mother, told me my birth name very close to her death.
I never perused any of this information, because it didn't really make any difference
I am here now.
My father Joe was from hard scrapple , very bright and very handsome -He never had any known children.
He told me close to his death how surprised he was to find me at the house.
I just turned up one day
My first memory is of hiding behind a couch in a home
I was crawling and trying to get away from a woman who had on a hat and checkered clothing
I remember it was nice out. Warm.
I remember an iron fence and a car with the nose pointing right
Turns out the Bradley family wasn't that cohesive . Joe left
No doubt with some justification
But unfortunately he kept his game in town.
A cruel town
B. A. Noyes