Dear George & Rita Williams,,
> At 04:52 AM 12/06/2001 -1000, you wrote: Hitler's parents could not deny the evil that he did They cannot deny it would have been better if he had not existed Hitler is one person It cannot be denied the evil propagated in religions name Hitler times millions Stop feeding the beast Give freedom from religion a chance The printing age began long ago, yet people still have to learn to read There is no enlightenment. You are enlightened at birth ; perhaps before; but, at least at birth. Christians say be like a child. A child has all the answers. The child believes in nothing. The child is enthrall with being alive. and if a great time or not so great time; the child is discovering life. He likes life. There is no thought of afterlife This is paradise. This war is truly a religious conflict. Religion is the enemy God help us I do believe the over-riding and primal drive of humankind is the discovery of "Gods" wonders. I do believe that evil is a bio-spiritual cancer, a death sentence to the physical and spiritual body. What we do on earth effects the outcome of our ethereal heritage. We are part of ethereal community and the ethereal is part of humankind. The Great Spirit has given this to us Always was , always will be. The uniting link of human kind is the acknowledgment that there is a spirit no matter how sophisticated or primitive all humans from past to present ,believe/know, there is more than the world. I say this is paradise because there is God We are united through our birth Always was , always will be The true tower of Babylon is the proliferation of religion all trying to capture souls Do Eskimos go to heaven Is all ethereal life destroyed if you do not believe one thing or another whether One be born in Ireland or Iran ? God does not make junk Earth is God's home too. Sincerely ----- Original Message ----- From: "Cephas Ministry Inc." To: "joe bradley" Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 10:03 PM Subject: Re: the truth? Dear Joe Bradley, Are you saying that we should ignore the Holocaust from a Biblical > perspective? It had nothing to do with Jews? It could have happened to anyone? > Our personal belief is that Hitler tried to overthrow the Bible by trying > to tempt God into premature action when he performed the Holocaust. The > Jews are the apple of God's eye. Because the game would have been over, God > could not interfere. It is all about the fulfillment of the Bible in exact > timing so that we all can depend on what it says. God is not a liar. > Can we ignore a prophecy that was written thousands of years ago and has > proven itself to be authentic in that it is almost completely fulfilled > without any errors and is called the most perfect piece of Literature that > was ever written? > Can we in all honesty say there is no God? when He is everywhere. How do > you explain creation? How do you explain the world which is spinning two > ways in space and people, animals and vegetation, etc.. don't fly off? How > can we not believe in a God when the sun comes up every morning at a > pre-calculated time? We are not practicing religion that is for the dead. > You have to be kidding to call this life paradise?? You missed the point of > our ministry. We are not about religion. George & Rita Williams > > >

B. A. Noyes