This is where the rubber meets the load

Your condition or state of mind is not relevant to your senses
Amazing , how people want/know to/ inclined to do good things
The churches use this biospirtual nature to induce humans into a system that will bring church power
Power over you.
Power over every facet of your life, every facet of your thought
Social reasons for supporting a church are often an excuse for support of a cult/church
The ramifications of mindless rote rituals weighs on young and burdens them with unnecessary onus
For the parent is part of the child and the child is part of the parent
Exploring the wonderment of the biospirit is our natural gift
Instead it is wrapped in rites and rituals, which block the path to discovery
The natural vent of humankind
Is there one line in any book that can make you feel
that can make you think?
Feeling is a biospirtual function
Thought is a biospirtual function
One feeds the other
Life needs these, as a survival and growth necessity.
How do you feel about church atrocities?
What do you think of religious abominations?
Plain human sense tells us they were/are wrong
How does your shaman measure up?

B. A. Noyes