All say "God is not found just in churches"
The earth is a delivery system for biospirit
The most wondrous creative loving
It is you
Your part of, you are, you will be, you always were,
Water, as it was said in The Book, has been found in deep space.
All religions incorporate water
in sacred rituals
Un conscious acknowledgment of our biological make up
All religions incorporate food
as part of their uniqueness
Acknowledgment of our primal biological drive
All people acknowledge Great Spirit
Does your cult fit into this theorem
They are all the same at the deepest levels
If Jesus brings peace where is it?
If all religions profess peace where is it?
Religions bring war and terror
How many more millennium
Lets turn all churches assets into community projects
Let's use the money for the sale of the Basilica and Lourdes and Mecca
and all religious sites and use it to forward humankind
The idea of a divided heaven is illogical
It break the laws of biospirit
Nonsensical adherence to illogical thought
Once this chain is broken you are free,as you are meant to be
You are responsible
A representative of God's transcendence

B. A. Noyes