Woman where is your courage
Muslim women must rank as the stupidest people on the planet
They do this willingly
They love there murdering enslaving vile men and support them
Some I am sure urge these fine gents to be suicide bombers
They bear children and raise them in depression
Poverty of the land can be overcome
Poverty of the spirit is death
You cannot help but be depressed if you are in the thralls of some idol
You are helpless
The will of ---------mystery
Is the whole turban wearing tribe so brutal to themselves.
Islam is responsible
So many rules and rite and rituals
All ending to what end
What are you doing today Muslim
Contemplating Jihad?
Severing limbs
Stoning some women
Please note men do not get same for same.
Lining up women to have clitoris removed?
Cowards, brutes and mystics a deadly combination
Good people exist outside the confines of religion to far more extent
If you place the weights of good done by all religion and measured it against all of the evils
done in religions name you would arrest the man

B. A. Noyes