Tribal nation. Pakistan has to be very careful, with India at her back, the USA in country, and their own elite
Islamic terrorist schools about to graduate.
What other great religion can boast of divine murderers.
but, Islam
You cannot deal with the sublime if you are dead
You cannot enjoy this most wondrous life force and joyous HUMAN form if you are dead
Their own learned people live long lives,and are still searching for and enjoying the vagraterites of existence
They praise their god over a pile of dead babys
1600 years of Islamic influence.
What has it wrought
Off with their clits Off with their hands. Off with their heads.
Up coming stadium events/Arab Culture/Islamic Law
Women Beaters enter Here
Bill, if Islamic terrorist murderers go to Heaven,
where do the wonderful men ,
who beat and torture the women
they rule
goTo the Official Islamic Republic of Pakistan tourists page to see how shallow and foolish positions religion puts you in.

B. A. Noyes