The right way
The way of the lever and the screw are ways of mechanics
Simple tools for humans
Mechanics of physics are universal in application as Arcamedies proved
with out the proper application they are going to fail
The tools of biospirit are not mechanical
i.e. physical
The continue failure of religion in any of its forms is clear
You cannot say it is personal
that it is good for me
even if it does " work for you"
The totality of acts done in religions name is your onus
You cannot selfishly cling to an idol-hoping for your own little paradise
Do you think that the heavens are devided up ?
and the same is on earth as it is in heaven
The books and secrets and rites and rituals and all manner of religious teaching are lies
Designed to enslave the believer
and empower evil
Of course they are lies
Oh think not that they don't teach the great truth
The spirit is in all
This cannot be hidden
What great advances have been made in the application of religion
Mother Teressa?
Jesse Jackson
This should be proof enough to all religious people that it don't work
Can't be fixed because the application is incorrect

B. A. Noyes