Take advantage of every edge- your knowledge, your looks- do not give freely; but always with a pay back in mind;- biology does not pay back, it goes forward Just as the Eskimo had no law -the people who continue to do evil-succome to the higher law -the second death.
Ann Ryan opened the eyes of those who could see.
You are responsible and free
But we also are part of the natural order, most important of which is consciousness ; Jesus said the same thing -give in to your spirit, that is the way to truth
I am always with you
Always was
Always will be
That is the way.
Just as the universe can never die and always was.( The Book offers great insights into this truth. ) There is no need of belief, because Spirit is part of the natural order and they are part of each and they are part of us.
Athiests lose the way because they cannot see the butterflys wrapped in its caccoon
Although, this is not neccessary
For Spirit is as natural as bioloogy
Ego cannot be seperated from eating

B. A. Noyes