Facts not Fantasy.....:

Number of veteranbs in the Untied States and Puerto Rico: 26,403,703

Percentage of veterans living in poverty: 5.6 percent (1.48 million) 

Percentage of veterans that are disabled: 29.1 percent (7.68 million) 1

Percentage of all Americans that are disabled: 19.3 percent 2

Number of homeless veterans on any given night: 299,321

Number of veterans who are homeless at any point during a year: 500,000 

Terry Jamison, Public Affairs Specialist, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Department of Veterans Affairs, at the VA Central Office, recently reported that “Gulf Era Veterans” now on medical disability since 1991, numbers 518,739 Veterans," said Berklau.
Washington admitted to using some 300 tons of DU munitions during the 1990 Gulf War, although independent experts estimate that the real number is more like 1,700 tons
"I was assigned to the 3rd U.S. Army depleted uranium assessment team as the health physicist and medic," Rokke says in an interview. "What we found can be explained in three words -- oh my God." 
"After we returned to the United States, we wrote the 'Theatre Clean-up Plan', which reportedly was passed through the U.S. Department of Defence to the U.S. Department of State and consequently to the Emirate of Kuwaiti," he said. 
"Today, it is obvious that none of this information regarding clean up of extensive DU contamination ever was given to the Iraqis," added Rokke. 
"Iraqi, Kosovar, Serbian and other representatives have asked numerous times for DU contamination management and medical care procedures but this information has not been provided." 
Due to his work, Rokke currently has 5,000 times the normal levels of radiation in his body. At least 30 members of his DU clean-up team have died prematurely. 

Jack,support our soldiers bring em home. The country is run by dictatorial criminals