Empty the churches
Make the Pope and all other Shaman open their coffers.
do not feed
They should be made museums
or repositories
Strip away the fake
The Shaman want all cloaked in mystery and mirrors.
They want deliver "Truth" and tell you what it is
You are the truth
Jesus says it.
It is no mystery
The spirit is alive in all
Some say I am not chained
I believe in "(fill in any)
He?She showed us the path of enlightenment/paradise/eternity
The Dali Lame Lives
These boys are chosen to serve
This is all a great mystery
How can one opt this
No mystery
No Dali Lame
Once the gate is open you can just walk in
You open that gate
The mystery is the truth that biospirit always was and always will be
You choose what garden you enter

B. A. Noyes