Mid-East/Arab/ Islam cannot be separated -they are responsible to and for each other.
The false prattlings of their holy men are meaningless- there are holy men everywhere
There is no sense in comparing religions -same as kids saying "Yeah,but what about what Jimmy did" : a pointless ruse.
Islam must be held responsible for the actions of their believers.
Same as all Christians must be held responsible for all their abominations.
If you support religion in any way you are responsible.
You cannot proclaim glory in heaven, while being blind to what happens on earth-your mother.
You cannot say yes I believe in this part, but I do not condone this part when the part that you do not condone
is responsible for so much cruelty
God is in you -the parent is part of the child- the child is part of the parent
You must make this leap
Abandon all that you know
Be come free
Atheists are another affront to rational thinking
they are bound and cannot make the leap the other way.
accepting that god is part of the natural order.
FreeFolk Mission This is not a holy war this is an Unholy war
We say they are evil
They say we are the devil
you cannot escape this

B. A. Noyes