Be assured that love is the essence of the Great Spirit
Gravity cannot be seen
it exists---all be it, perhaps, under certain conditions___
Then the unseen
The more science discovers/uncovers/or stumbles upon
The more it proves that unseen and unknowable power
Gravimeters show an effected measurement of gravitational forces
Scientists say this is good science
Look at the more then visible and historical effects of religion
Now a flurry ensues
Believe your own senses
God is part of you
Atheist will insist that the existence Unifying Power is impersonal
and sourcing this power on a material world is all that matters
They place themselves outside of the Power instead of seeing that they are part of the power
Perhaps they are not So amazed when they find out that this is untrue
Each star that shines is part of history and our destiny
We too will be makers of worlds and part of eternity
Always was always will be
The Laws Exist
Unmuttable, Unknown, Unseen
but acknowledged

B. A. Noyes