It seems a culture that could produce K.Gibran
can rectify itself from its misery
The fierce desert warriors have cowered and bullied long enough
Arabs must come out of their tents
No longer do Pharos rule
The Kings feet are made of clay
Do not think you can hold on to the past
It must be worn as a scar
Traditions that percipitate the horrors and terror, so firmly attached to them, can no longer survive
What place have you made for your children
What horrors await them
Christians must recognize that holding the entire world ,under a death penelty is wrong
They must clear their neucler gods
The spread of Christianty has ammonted to the adoption of western ethic
9-5 and watches and calenders with holy days on them
Being free is not the same as Christians advertise
They are slaves
Who is their master?
Look with your own eyes
"I am of this world , but not from it"
What rites or rituals command your attention
What vows
Truth is interpreted by you alone
in the form of the Spirit
The biospirit is humankind
Part of the human condition
An unmuttable fact.

B. A. Noyes