The birth control issue is highly hypocritical because the Catholic Church has owned shares in the major birth control producing company, Instituto Farmecologico Sereno, (as exposed in David Yallop's book, In God's Name
Will The people see Churches be responsible
Will communities reorganize Why don't Churches pay taxes
The founding fathers didn't mean that churches
holding so much land and resources and power
would be the Thorn in Humankind's Heel
The Churches of all should pay tax
To say you don't have to pay a tax because you believe in one idol or another is anathema to Bill of Rights and Constitution
law By what right do churches hold properties and not pay tax
The churches of the wealthy just insure the property value of the land
in their neighborhood
Why must I , who would have nothing to do with these institutions have to support them by allowing them not to pay taxes
Churches once did pay taxes and the law maker who recognizes that the Constitution
was not meant for this type of entitlement
will insist that churches of all manner pay promptly
It is nowhere mandated in Constitution that the government should not provide its blessings
on any who believe one thing or another
Nor should any person have to bear unreasonable tax
By not insisting churches pay fair tax
The government is placing undue onus on its people
The protections of the government are for all
"Congress shall make no Law respecting the Establishment of Religion, or prohibiting the free Exercise thereof;" 141

Granting a tax status
Insures churches approved by government
Churches should see that the properly applied taxes will help insure freedom for that church
The proper tax would help insure Freedom from Religion.
The underlying thought of Article One
Humanist, Atheist, Agnostic, Scientific Cults,
See the side of biology
Both bind and cannot see one from another

B. A. Noyes