I do believe the over-riding and primal drive of humankind is
the discovery of "Gods" wonders. I do believe that evil is a bio-spiritual cancer,
a death sentence to the physical and spiritual body.
What we do on earth effects the outcome of our ethereal heritage.
We are part of ethereal community and the ethereal is part of humankind.
The true tower of Babylon is the proliferation of religion
all trying to capture souls Do Eskimos go to heaven Is all ethereal life destroyed if you do not believe one thing or another whether One be born in Ireland or Iran ? God does not make junk Earth is God's home too.
The Great Spirit has given this to us Always was , always will be.
The uniting link of human kind is the acknowledgment that there is a spirit
no matter how sophisticated or primitive all humans
from past to present ,believe/know, there is more than the world.
I say this is paradise because there is God
We are united through our birth Always was , always will be

B. A. Noyes