Women have been my nemisis
I wanted the right thig
It just never worked out
Woman thy vows are written in sand
A mans worse curse is a freckless wife
It's been a misery
Yet, the lessom wasn't worth it
I've learned that women can't be trusted
Not yet have the fair breed have been more than glossemer
Some vague calling
A glimps of a great lie
A hag
An Albatros
Some how visited on me for
I'm not sure why
I no longer believe that it is possible for me to hold that woman spirit
A true female
One that decieds not decieves
That holds to herself
That is not a liar
Some great plain of vast land the search in the desert
What is left of this shattered man
Suplication in the growing wind
His sun battered soul spining
Waiting for the buzzards
Lost love this letter is to you
Torn away from the leafpad
of my life
Did you farewell in your deceptions
Can you wake with a clear mind a joyous face
Now that you are happy
Do you look in the pool and fathom all your dreams

B. A. Noyes