I read Louis L'Amore's autobiography
he learns Greek and reads this book and that
Being learned is no guarentee of intelligence
Learned people all over the world commit hiddious crimes
Make critical errors in judgement ,cause devistating losses
Yet they are learned
They know all this about that
Still they strive
What are we looking for?
Tent revivles in the blazing Texas sun
Jihad, Mason, on and on amd on ,secret select clubs societies handshakes nods bells and whistles
Noone could keep up with all the wonderous manifestation of religion
All looking for same thing
All looking for same thing
Biospirit is
The acclaimations of religion are false
You do not have to believe this way or that
Oh, you still say, it,s the social/cultural parts that I practice/believe in
Yet your whole being is consumed
You stand next to the bomber
A true believer

B. A. Noyes