Make thinkthe illusionists goal
You cannot muddle the wonders of a rainbow if you live in a cave

You make think your cave is a blessing and you are very happy in it.
Many good things have happened to you and if it's a cave; you have to respect and love the cave
The cave brings you joy and contentment in the times when you are weary and afraid and lonely
You love the cave
It is still a cave
Life experiences happen to us all
Joy and birth come together
It is part of the biospirit
Who did Jesus worship?
Why do the Jews await what has happened
Billions of times
What great mockery is that
Allah embraces murder and desecration
What fool says starve yourself
Do you not see the lion is as loved as the lamb
The biospirit values common sense
a nescessary tool for survival
Perfection may exist
The biospitits eternal search for perfection goes on into itself
The replenishment of perfection as leaf dust to dirt , a cycle that cannot be broken
For it always was and it always will be
What sense is there in no blade of grass or snow flake being the same
and humans dissolve to nothingness
The biospirit is as much a part of the grass as it is of you
Your essential part is the search for perfection
The laws of biospirit are unmuttable
We hope somehow that the shamen know the answers
and they point out with cleaver disguise
How you can/could reach Nirvana in all its forms.
They teach rules and rites and regimens and diets and sex
They grasp the biospirits natural tenet for evolution and doing good is tenant of biospirit
in their heart of hearts they know the truth
as we all do
biospirit is in all of us
The parent is part of the child and the child is part of the parent
Always was always will be
Mystics come and amaze the masses with readings and predictions and Edger Casey
Bush men
Don Juans Teachings
RA-Medicenmen_all manner of astonishing revelations
The diversity of biospirit is an evolutionary necessity
Murder is not

B. A. Noyes