B. A. Noyes
Freedom From Religion is an inbred freedom,
an unalienable right.
The Founders of U S A created the Constition
to Insure and Ensure that the citizens of this land have redress
and Solutions
to abridgements of Our God given rights.
Considerations given to defined relogions are such an effrontry.
The Peoples finding cult practices abhorant
are forced to endure undue onus when the Governments Tax Laws
are not applied to the wealth of cult holdings
There is no logical or legal reasons for such considerations.
The writer of this material hopes that people will see the great dangers
faced by humankind and ourselfs.
There is no malice directed at any one institution
only a desire that the people will look for the truth
and see with open eyes the facts laid before them
Do not believe what is written in any book
including this one
Only believe what you find is true, in your own heart.

The mission of BANoyes is one.
To say you do not love freedom for all beings
is saying Love
is not free
too love
Has never worked
Can not work.

I heard the silvery bells and saw the wild cyote in neverending skys
and held the hands of children with terror in their eyes.
Why religion must pass.

Sources The BookThe Story of B/ D.Quinn Oahspi/Urancha Leap ChristianJew
Native Americian