Fathist zealots creed - only those who follow the dictates of "Oahspi" can obtain enlightenment.(Ripening),** These dictates are followed more closely then the main thrust of experiencing this beautiful book.
Visiting oahspi.com shows how shallow , some adherents, have decided to swim.
But this does not at all diminish the truths found .
For the Master is the Truth-
They are one and the same
This is what all zealots believe.
What profit a man to gain the world yet lose his soul?
What truth is found, but those we know, and where we find them matters not.
This single thing- all life is ingrained with -eat
So where does this leave Mark Hamilton and "The Book" ?
Consciousness being the missing ingredient to the "Universal Theorem" as discovered by DR. Wallace -ahem em-
Obtaining giant status-grow or die-
What ?
This does not diminish the truths found in this Masters work-
**-See food restrictions as form of obtaining "good"
*See drug enducements as form of obtaining "God"

B. A. Noyes