Not too late one evening ,broke and sober , I stood looking at the stars on the Medford Ore. horizon,
I noticed that this one tree could not be seen through
It was early spring and the sky was crisp and beautiful.
The leaves had not yet formed on the few tree close by
and the stars could be seen through their branches
but not this one tree
A movement occurred, then a luminescent sped out of the tree
It was motionly some what ameba shaped and the mass of it a shimmering vibrant blue
ringed by just as vibrant shimmering yellow
It was not hazy
It had definite edges
I could not see through it
It seemed like it was guided
in the center was a red shoeprint shaped outline looking thing
which flew off and entered my body at low chest level
I looked behind me to see if it had passed through me
It had not
The rest of the thing went around the back of me and I could see that the red thing was not there
I was very quiet
It glided back into the tree
Then on my right a white elongated something appeared
I put my hand in it and my hand disappeared
I could not see through this apparition either - it also had a definite edge
It was about 28" long
as I put my hand in again amazed that I could not see it
The object started to shrink , until finally
in the same proportions it started
it disappeared from the palm of my hand
There is a Epilog to this event
I have no idea of its meaning
I only can tell what happened

B. A. Noyes