Hitler's parents could not deny the evil that he did
They cannot deny it would have been better if he had not existed
Hitler is one person
It cannot be denied the evil propagated in religions name
Hitler times millions
Stop feeding the beast
Give freedom from religion a chance
The printing age began long ago, yet people still have to learn to read
There is no enlightenment.
You are enlightened at birth ;
perhaps before; but, at least at birth.
Christians say be like a child.
A child has all the answers.
The child believes in nothing.
The child is enthralled with being alive.
and if a great time or not so great time; the child is discovering life.
He likes life.
There is no thought of afterlife
This is paradise.
This war is truly a religious conflict.
Religion is the enemy
Biologist paleontologist histologist all-ologists agree, no eat-no live
The earth keeps us alive
Dirt is the primal transport of life
Up from the edge
Dinosaurs and what before
Why come out of the ocean
Life flourishes in water
Why come out?
The ether drops into the waters
causing small particles that make oxygen
That cause protoplasm to feed and become part of every lining thing in the waters
This induces the primal urge to explore the wonders of the existence
Once life is- it always is
We exist in eternity

B. A. Noyes