Christians now feel they are cool
They are vindicated
That their past transgressions are forgiven and minor
Pride is the first sin
Yet Christians love to be proud
Damn, they are proud about just about everything
from football players to heroes
Christians are proud
of their good doings
and forgiving of transgressions
Blinded by virtue
Confused in their souls.
Pro-Life or Abortion
Both claim the right
One in the name of "God", the other in the name of "Liberty"
Yet, women cannot inputs drugs at will, claiming the same right of "Liberty"
The straight answer is biospiritual
Non evasive
Survival of the species
The logical sense of "The Story of B" and "The Book"
Spiritual Tombings
Far out-weigh the impact of common sense
Their weight is dis-proportionate to the nature of things
The sick justifications of "Jesus made me do it"
The Devil made me do it
My father made me do it
I was only following orders made me do it
Name that tune
There is a cross roads
Everyday people recognize this.
Time Magazine points it out in the famous "God is Dead" cover.

B. A. Noyes