What cures are there in your heavens?
By what authority do people pray to Jesus or Allah or any
Jesus did not say
"Your father who art in heaven "
he said "our"
The Great Spirit
The Animator
Because we have this astonishing gift of life
We are mandated by unmutable law to protect and progress
We must look at the fruit on the tree of religion
We have distorted the wisdom given to us
We have built a world of war
and ever threatening doom
We lay at the feet of our gods and chant mantras
and will not be held accountable for the work
What fortunes are being laid up
On Earth and in Heaven
Who do you pray to in Paradise?
Throw off the self made shackles
You love you and you love life
The life is a gift of and a part of the Biospirit
The source of wonder
Infinity = 0
B. A. Noyes