More BS then the King ranch.
Reporters ask the tough questions.
Is a cadre of Arab/MidEast volunteers being formed? Why not
What percentage American of MidEast/Arab extraction are presently in active military service
What percentage active US military are Muslim?
Rough guesstimimate percentage of ;other then Muslims ,active military in all Islamic States?
Lets ask any Muslim speaker what they think of US constitution.
Lets ask John Traitor
Still The USA and USSR have held the world under the threat of annihilation for decades
The fact can't be overlooked that this is the ultimate terror
The fact of Christian's warring could end humanity.
Now the war with Islamic terrorists
Soon after the collapse of USSR
The instigation of freedom
All USA Presidents have been Christian
We need to be free of self afflicted terror
Ben WhiteHorse Sen.
Is truly the only legitimate choice for President

B. A. Noyes