The real silent majority must stand up and as Americans recognize, Freedom from Religion is an Inherent quality of Spirit an Unalienable Right

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Americans can no longer tolerate the harmful effects brough on by defined religions.
if people choose to celebrate their particular idol they may do so at will
provided that it does not interfere with humankind's peaceful existence
Tax all defined religion at a fair market rate
Convert moneys and properties for the best use of the community
People participating in a defined religion should be more then happy to pay their fair way
For they too must recognize that tax considerations given to defined religions un-fairly places an onus on the true majority of tax payers
Legal consideration for any defined religion must end
How is it that Native peoples are rejected from the use of certain mushrooms,
Yet priests and others are protected by some odd code of conduct that prevents them from speaking of the most foul misdeeds
What ever place you are put to serve humankind , to place a value of transgressions
you must act with due haste
You cannot stand and watch the rats eat the babies. The revelations and discoveries are connected to the composite of America
Revealing these corruption's is a duty to humankind
B. A. Noyes