Political leadership in the new world must come from a person with a wide scope of understanding.
He should know the underdog and the victor, the streets and the skyscrapers
Wisdom in these areas is crucial.
He must be patient and understand that victory is inevitable
The American heritage of freedom is the inborn character of people

J.D. Salinger wrote a story"At War with the Eskimos". which got me thinking about freedom. and Eskimos. Frozen tribes demonstrate that freedom of spirit is paramount in humans even surpassing the given biological drive of life.eating.
How strange that these far away people choose to live under such extreme conditions.
Eskimos have/had no laws. No laws.;
by extension they lived on the "simplest of terms".
Murder was unheard of, for you may need help surviving- you couldn't survive by yourself.
Eating being the paramount survival drive,coming to this conclusion/accommodation/understanding was basic.
So no laws.
Laws put us at odds. The great Alaskan oil debate of the North Slope in the mid-sixties , flooded the state with oilmen, many from Texas and Oklahoma
Those nervy Aleuts claimed the land under an agreement.
Then oil rights were leased/sold to oil interests
Welcome to the land of Laws, Eskimo
Welcome to the land of teenage detention islands

B. A. Noyes