Unless all science is wrong
Unless all science is right
It is Impossible- for God and science to be at odds
and humankind exist

If you see that science could lead to the end of this world
You have to see that religious mandates have led to this point--; the end of this world
We are driven by the unseen forces that proudce death hate distraction and mayhem of all sorts
This is Scientific Fact
If a stone outweighs a feather
and a certain mass weighs 10 and the stone is 9.9 of the mass
We know that the stone is the mass
but the feather is still there
The scientific fact "A Biospirit" exists
Perhaps we should start addressing serious issues
Bin Laden is a ploy at this point
There is one way out of this ludicrous situation religion has put us in -; The Pope goes to Mecca
and converts to Islam

B. A. Noyes