You are the Power BioSpirit.
The search is the void
The constsnt search for perfection
The constant source of Perfection
The transducence of knowledge
is a biospiritual function
The unknown and the unseen somehow are visable
We see this in the works performed
by putting the power to action
The pontification of Great BioSpirits natural function ,as a blessing or some insights
is a sacralige
All Great Masters say the same thing
The composite body must maintain a vigourous growth or fail
The composit effects of religion are made visable to us
Recognize that love is the biospirits gasoline
The Unseen
Infinity = 0

Reguiring this food or that dress or this holy place
Is a perversion of mandate to tell the truth
To let the truth be part of you
To be the Truth
The people of the earth that need cloths have cloths
Humanity exists at all extremes of the earth
deep in the ocean to orbiting satilites
This is our manifestation of the wonders of the Great BioSpirit
This is the Power of the Unseen
put into action

B. A. Noyes