The price of murder A -6Billion What are we looking for
The race of the Western culture
The Neck Tie Tribe
The Head Gear Tribes
The most astonishing subjugation of natural self
Logic is defied
Common sense-non corpse
Banishing free thought
and the natural display of the Great Spirits wonders
Proclaiming they have the only way
Truly; any; could see the wrongfulness of this
What God places you here ? so you can adore "HIM" ( always a man )
What value is it ?
A God doesn't need adoration.
or want it.
God wants to reveal All That Is
The Search for Perfection
The Spirit of One has placed you here.
You are not here by accident.
But by the Loving dictates of Natural BioSpirit
Each posessing their own uniqueness
A Blessing and a Glory bestowed upon you
Part of Immutable Laws

B. A. Noyes