Mohammed did not want to become a scion
a Figure of Idolatry
He mandated no likeness
There is no earthly thing that can portray - Islam's base core belief
There is no God But Allah
Allah is the Great Spirit
The source of all humankind
These shameless cowards that bully the weak,
That make up silly rules about beards and dress and diet and sex
That messure weeks and eons
That rule the essences of your life
Your thoughts
They shamelessly use the force of the Great Spirit
and call each other god
When in fact we are gods in the making
Why bother these great thinkers and sages and magi and holy men
What good did it do to have these wonder makers and necromancers speak to the crowds
The travesty of all religious thought being dominated by any single book,man, or method is absurd
and cannot stand clear thought or the light of the Great Spirit
Each human is a neo-god
and must heed the Great Spirit
The age's of religion must pass for humans to fully prosper
whether in the pulpit or in mountain travaills
Stop teaching myths and lies
Let humans be free from religion

B. A. Noyes