If a boy grows up, where the father buries infant girls alive
The son will follow suit
He is blind to the evil
This practice and that of multi-marriage/Harems(Harems are a means of self-defense),among others are designed for war
A mans son are more valuable in battle
Allah(ha)s path and Jihad are the same

The Pope apologizes by e-mail
I guess to be read/printed to the mass's
The Pope should tell the truth
Why all this hidden seals and letters and all manner of secrets and rituals and , well my goodness!
All things must pass Your Popeness
They all sit in some exotic setting besieged by minions
Controlling fortunes , financial, political, independently and through the alms of believers
All holding this grain of truth
The biospirit is part of your make up
It is not harmless to satiate your thirst to do good in the name of any religion
You must recognize the entire body of your particular idol
Amish and sects of any religion are part of the composite body
How many years of tinkering and fighting and apologies and all manner of desecration
Always in blinders
2,000 10,000 years it makes no difference
It does not work in theory, because it does not work in practice
Something is wrong with the theory
You are god
You are responsible

B. A. Noyes